About Me

A little bit about me:

I work in IT looking after all those lovely users making sure that their computers are working as they should and they are happy! (Well, as happy as they can be.)

My day can vary from the mundane to days where it can get really really crazy!

I am that guy you see running around like a madman trying to fix computer problems and who no-one wants to talk to unless to say:

“Have you turned it off and on again?” (Ha ha bloody ha!)
“My computer has a problem. Can you look at it please? It will only take a second?” (Er, no it will not take a second. Also run far far away.)

But hey, I love doing what I do!

Needless to say, I will be posting mostly IT related stuff on here!

Also, I should add, that all thoughts, opinions, views, etc are my own. ( I must be crazy!)

Anyway, let’s get blogging.